Lin Manuel Miranda Wrote a Song About Me!

This is my not-so-subtle way of telling everyone that 1. This man is a genius, but you already knew that, and 2. Go see his brainchild, Freestyle Love Supreme on Broadway before it closes. You will not regret it.

Where can this whirlwind of a story begin? Scrolling Twitter during work hours. Obviously.

A screenshot of a tweet reading: Jumping into @freestylelove tonight. Hope to see you at the Booth…-LMM
Lin Manuel Miranda’s Tweet

I decided to buy a $70 single ticket after my friends opted out. I'm not a huge fan of going to shows alone, but I am willing to do that, especially if Lin is involved. I also love comedy and improv, so like I said. SEE THIS SHOW.

At one point in the show, they were asking for audience suggestions- the prompt being a story about something you wish you could do over again. I raised my hand, sitting in the center of the mezzanine of the Booth Theater. When they called on me- I rushed out with, "My parents once left me locked outside of a Mexican Restaurant and the waitstaff who found me did not know they were my parents because they're white and I'm adopted from China."

There were a few stunned gasps in the audience for sure.

It was enough for them to toss me a mic. And I had a 5-minute uninterrupted dialogue with everyone on stage, telling them my story. The details to be sung and freestyle rapped afterward.

Not only did they sing and rap my traumatic tale, but they also reenacted it, then reversed it, then changed the ending.

The part of 3-year-old Hannah was played by Tony Award Winner James Iglehart, with the rest of the cast following his lead.

The amount of sheer brainpower it takes to not only come up with these lyrics on the spot but to masterfully craft an entire scene from a 5-minute conversation is frankly amazing. The show itself is 1.5 hours long and so intriguing, entertaining, and exhilarating. I’ve never experienced



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Hannah's Adopted thoughts

Hannah's Adopted thoughts

Chinese American Adopted Social Worker. @endlesswanderer on Instagram. writing about life, social work, navigating NYC in my 20s